Sunday, October 18, 2009

Locked-out NBA referees made wrong call

Apparently the regular NBA referees were oblivious to the fact the rest of the country’s in a recession or that the national unemployment rate’s a staggering 9.5 percent.

If they did know, why in the heck did the union reject the NBA’s final contract offer last month?

The country’s harsh economic conditions simply made it extremely difficult for the regular NBA refs to have any leverage in negotiations with the league.

Now the 57 officials are locked out for the first time since the '95-'96 season, and most NBA fans, one group who could’ve possibly been sympathetic to their cause, are seemingly unsympathetic to it.

To show some commitment to the replacement crew, NBA Commissioner David Stern has put the hammer down in the preseason on coaches and players who publicly criticize league officials. Last week, three coaches were slapped with hefty fines for comments they made about the officiating.

For years, NBA officials have been criticized for making questionable calls. However, this is by far their worst yet.

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